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Ok so let’s talk about lipstick. I was a lip gloss girl for years, for many, many years because of this childhood nickname I had (fishlips) due to having small lips as a kid and the fear of emphasizing my small mouth. Well, guess what, I don’t have fish lips anymore! But you know, even if I did, who gives a shit? You can put color on your mouth any goddamn time you want because it looks great and makes you feel super snazzy.

I’ve worn lipstick for maybe two years now and have amassed a lot of them and a lot of brands. I’d always loved Aveda hair products even before I went to school there (just ask anyone who knows me, I’m gross about them) but I hadn’t explored the makeup until recently and some of it’s fantastic. I swear by their dual powder foundation now but my heart truly belongs to their lipsticks. Moisturizing and matte or semimatte, it’s kind of the dream formula. These are my favorites lately and obviously I’m going to tell you about them.

First up is Snap Dragon which is one of the limited fall colors and is gorgeous. Pictures don’t do justice to what a deep, winey, saturated red this is. It’s dark and sexy but somehow entirely appropriate for day. Keep in mind that my office has no dress code and I am studying something beauty/fashion-related which may account for my daytime-ok perception but still. I don’t think anyone would mind you wearing this on your mouth, jussayin’. Also, don’t let Photobooth fool you, I’m extremely pale (I wear the lightest shade of foundation any cosmetic brand makes; worst Cuban ever/serious feelings about people denying my ethnic identity) but this color looks gorgeous on a variety of skin tones due to its warmth.

Next up is Cerise which has ousted MAC’s Russian Red from the very important spot of my favorite red lipstick ever®. It’s a brick/cherry, it is absolutely daytime wearable, and it’s so pretty. It’s red lipstick without being like, “hi, I’m going through my pin up girl phase.” It’s so perfect, it fucking destroys my soul on a daily basis, I actually feel guilty the days I wear other lipstick colors because I just constantly want this in or around my mouth.

Last but definitely not least is Star Coral, the first coral lipstick I’ve ever owned and worn (I know). My friend Andrea who is a makeup artist was talking upcoming wedding makeup with me recently and was like, “You should do coral! It’ll be warm and bold! Not overwhelming for photos!” and I was like, “Eh, maybe but ~*I do red*~, I am so pale, I will look weird, harrumph.” Well, today, my friend Rashelle pushed me towards the Star Coral when I gingerly asked, “Do you think this would look good on me?” and she was like, “Put it all over your mouth hole right now,” and I did and I haven’t looked back. I actually took a shower when I got home tonight, took off all my makeup, but put on a tiny bit of this again because I love the way this looks. Warm like a red but unexpected and feminine. I don’t want to say red lipstick is dead, long live coral but I did say it on twitter earlier so you know, semantics.

I mean, I’m big on makeup. I always got super weirded out when men would be like, “girls don’t need to wear makeup, they’re beautiful the way they are,” because it’s my face and you better believe I’m going to put whatever I want on it. I’ve had a lot of thinking and feelings and questions about working in the beauty industry now and I can honestly say that it feels like a really good move. It feels like something positive I do every day because I don’t want to change people or make them conform to what I think is beautiful, I want to help them discover and enhance the things that make them beautiful, to play around and really enjoy makeup and hair products and not feel like it’s something they have to do. I want to help people be the most beautiful version of whoever it is they want to be; that feels good. When someone leaves my chair and they visibly brighten and look not only beautiful but more comfortable in their own skin? That’s beauty right there. I don’t know, I think a lot about how women feel more than ever these days.

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